Marriage & Migration

“With you, I am Home β™₯”

Marriages are full of surprises, be it love or arranged. It’s all about the level of unknown territory u want to jump into – Known monster or unknown πŸ˜› . I decided to jump into the latter and have been lucky to have found a great husband- thanks to the scrutiny carried out by my dear brother.


This is my take on my relocation from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi. Mine is an arranged marriage. When you have overcome the challenge of finding the suitable guy, & then there is a new trial in front of you when someone one says “He works abroad.” Ofcourse im not going to start a new life over skype! That’s how I reached Abu Dhabi immediately after marriage. I had to explore a new person and a new place, both together.


I could see it getting tough. Living by myself and living independently all of a sudden, after living in this lovely shell of a family for 25 years, was demanding and burdensome in the beginning. It takes a toll on your emotions and you want to run back home..not even book a flight.. just run back home, through the Arabian Sea πŸ˜€


Life here is pretty laid back. Life back home is on the go. It drizzles here once in a while. I miss the pouring rains and thunderbolts & the family gathering on electricity cuts. You’re struck by the extravagance of this place. The massive malls, stupendous structures, exorbitant labels, lavish lifestyle, marvellous cars & convenient lifestyle. But everything wears out when you miss your kin right? I can pen down a few of my initial experiences for you guys.

Deciding what to miss: I always begin with missing my parents, siblings, sister in law, niece & nephews, in-laws, friends, outings, some random grandma whom I met just once, something someone said in 2001. And I’m beginning to ask myself, what am I actually upset about right now. I CANT DECIDE!


Transport: I love autorickshaws, they’re everybody’s go to in India. The only option in Abu Dhabi is a taxi. U need a pass to get on to the buses, u can’t just hop into one.


Mall Culture & Baqala: From seeing Apsara kirana stores & Bhagwati Kirana bazar to seeing just one name on all grocery shops here ” Baqala”, was a totally new concept for me. Also, you need a good stretching routine before you enter the mall to buy the smallest of things.


Food: Arabic food is light in taste. Shawarma is a saviour for me though. Vada pav with 3 chutneys isn’t available everywhere, and yes frankie rolls too. Miss the Indian street food! 😦


Diversity: I have come across so many nationalities here. Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Moroccans, Egyptians. British,  Australians, Americans and many more. It’s a learning experience meeting new people and exploring their cultures.


Amidst all this, our marriage has prospered with a broad thinking and a lot of understanding and respect for each other because living in a foreign land, far from your loved ones is never easy. This journey here has been a rollercoaster ride and about a lot self-realisation & endearment.


I’ve had my best friend, my husband along to make things easier, but when I imagine the lives of people who come to the Gulf for jobs and to start from the scratch, their set of circumstances would be a different story. However, this is a great country with all the glitz and glamour, supertall skyscrapers & stupendous infrastructure and much-needed rules and regulations.

But, Home Is Where The Heart Is β™₯


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