8 Types of Conversations I have with my BFF 👭

As we grow up we realize it becomes less important to have a tonne of friends, and more important to have real ones. Everybody complains about how much we girls talk to each other and what is it that we talk about so much. Let me break it down for you.  BFFs and their never ending chats!!!

  1. Mood updates: From “why is everybody so annoying today” to “why is everything so funny today” and in between. The daily forecast of your emotional climate is an important event of your life your BFF should know. No matter how good or bad, anything you feel has to be put across to your BFF asap!
  2. Food fantasies: ” Remember that cake we had, let’s have it again :'(, and then let’s go for that Chinese, followed by that amazing drink “. People really bond over food, but BFFs plan it religiously.
  3. Random appreciations: Have you ever been treated in a certain way n remembered what would your BFF do instead? And felt like your BFF is the star of your life. Texting your BFF out of the blue and telling them about how much you love them, with or without a reason, makes them blush like a can of cherries. If you’re thinking of your bff while reading this, send a text right across!
  4. Agony aunts: You are the only soothsayer of your bff when an emotional calamity strikes them. No matter what you’re doing or whatever you’re in the middle of, your BFF’S tears are diamonds, she deserves much better and she is a priority hands down!
  5. Sarcastic one-liners: Ironically, seeing a  picture of your BFF online with somebody u know or dont know, u admire or dont, ignites you like burning coal. And then when you get a sarcastic text from your BFF which does’nt make any sense, u know something’s burning. A fire brigade of your assurance has to reach the spot on time.
  6. Urgent pings: We choose to send a whole word in bits, alphabet by alphabet, to state the urgency of what we have to say. If my phone beeps once, ill ignore it, but when it beeps back to back, make way! it’s my BFF online! I know it without even touching my phone.
  7. Venting out: when you get an essay from your friend which doest evn fit on your screen, copy pasted stuff which is difficult to read and screenshots which fill your gallery, let them flow cause your bff is definitely super upset and your eyes and ears have to be rented to her agony.
  8. Husband/boyfriend/crush: Ahem! Ahem! This is the hottest topic. Accept it or not. “He is getting on my nerves” to “O my! My cutie patootie looked so handsome today!”. Or describing a detailed list of actions your husband/boyfriend/crush did today and what each of them means, is studied with acute details.🔍

And that’s not it, we talk about a lot more. This is just how much we can reveal though 😉 If you have a best friend that you can talk to about anything, and they won’t judge you, never let them go ❤





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