7 Easy lifestyle changes to live a healthier life

“Invest in your mind. Invest in your health. Invest in YOURSELF.”

Hello! To all the early risers and the night owls, woot! woot!

How did you wake up today? Feeling energised or wanting a little more sleep? How we start our day is always an important factor regarding how the rest of our day is going to proceed. And how we wake up each day depends on how we feel, both physically & mentally. It’s important that we take care of our bodies each day, cause that’s what we are living in each day of our life. These are a few small things I do to take care of my health each day.

  1. Drop your cell phone & do some bed stretching: It’s become our morning ritual to start with our phones from snoozing the alarm, checking the time to checking social media updates and staying there for a while. This isn’t a very beneficial exercise for our eyes since they are exposed to these artificial rays as soon as we wake up. Instead, you could use these 10-15 mins to do some stretching in bed and give your body a little warm up before you get out of bed and start your day. Also, snoozing your alarm too many times tires your body even before you wake up from the inconsistent sleep-wake pattern.

Source: “Leg Raise” by How I am losing weight

2. Portion control: Most of the times we don’t only eat, we over eat. Those are the extra calories we are stuffing our stomach with. A simple way to not overeat can be by having a glass of water 20-30 mins before you have your meal. Also, this exercise helps in digestion. Meal prepping in advance is another way to help us keep away from eating junk and anything we can set our eyes on when we are hungry. You can pack an extra small tiffin of veggies, fruits or healthy snacks to munch on when you feel hungry in the evening so you have food available as soon as you feel hungry to avoid n control cravings.


Source: “Food” by Frank Wouters

3. Using the right muscles: I have been following this idea since a year and it has worked for me. Whenever I bend to pick up heavy stuff, walk, run or do my daily chores, I focus on contracting my stomach and using those muscles instead of straining and putting pressure my spine and back using the stairs.

I stay on the sixth floor and use the stairs a lot of times to go home instead of the lift. If you too can manage to reach your place using the stairs, please do because you have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve something right?


Source: “Stairs” by haru__q

4. Move a little more: Take every small job or chore as an opportunity to move about a little more. For eg. always get ur own glass of water instead of calling out to others. Plus, an independent person can not depend on another person for a glass of water. having kids/pets around is a great way to utilise your energy

Having kids or pets around is a great way to get active and bring out your inner child. You won’t even realise how many calories you have burnt by just having a good time with them. Happiness is another advantage of this exercise 😀


Source: “Calories” by haru__q

5. Making a to-do list:  By making a to-do list every night you are not only sorting out your next day efficiently but also, making a routine at night to ease yourself and relax without stressing about the all the tasks you have to put up with the next day. Even if you don’t have anything major to do, set some small goals for the next day which you have been putting off. They can be about doing something for yourself or planning in advance for an upcoming special event. Don’t forget to love yourself each and every day!


Source: “To do list” by Mufidah Kassalias

6. Switching off electronics: Melatonin, a hormone in the human body, controls our sleep-wake cycles. Studies have shown that even our small electronic devices emit sufficient light to mislead the brain and keep us awake. Atleast half an hour before your scheduled time of sleep, switching off your electronics devices will help you sleep better.


Source: blog.koreadaily.com

7: Follow the birds: Like birds do, we should wake up early & finish off our major tasks before sunset. As our metabolism slows down by the evening, it’s a good idea to eat less at dinner time since we do not have too many activities to burn those calories.


Source: Sunrise by John Flannery

Hope this post was helpful to you guys in making those few changes in your life to keep you healthy and happy 🙂


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